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Travelling to Vanuatu in 2022

The Vanuatu Government have released a roadmap for a phased approach to the re-opening of borders in 2022.

Key triggers to reducing restrictions are vaccination levels across the country and a staged approach to reducing quarantine and testing levels, movement around the country, and managing intake levels of visitors.

Everyone travelling to Vanuatu must be fully vaccinated as a minimum entry condition.

During 2021, Vanuatu managed over 8000 citizens and residents through hotel quarantine. If you must do quarantine, having a beachfront or water view makes it easier. To date Vanuatu has experienced no community transmission.

The Phase 1 of the Vanuatu Health Border Reopening Roadmap is due to commence on the 20th of March, subject to satisfying 70% of double vaccination levels nationwide. Vanuatu is looking to be on track to meet this date. This will also reduce quarantine stays to 10 days.

Unashamedly, Vanuatu is taking a cautious approach to border reopening.

Visitors to Vanuatu have always adventured through the islands, not simply stayed in their hotels and we want to provide this experience again with the right settings in place and to reduce the overall risk.

Roadmap to Re-opening

The Roadmap to the Safe Border Re-opening prepared by the Vanuatu Government defines the health measures and protocols to reduce the risk of importation, spread and impact of COVID-19. Achievement of the milestones will keep everyone safe, citizens and visitors alike.

Vanuatu’s record in managing the pandemic has been strong and safety is our priority. Below is an overview of the roadmap and the highline approach to gradual border opening and travel.

covid roadmap vangov

To access a copy of the Vanuatu Ministry of Health Roadmap to Safe Reopening of the Borders, please click HERE.


What measures have been put in place across Vanuatu?


This is priority! Staggered vaccination in Vanuatu commenced in June 2021.

We are excited to commence the vaccination roll-out of the single dose Johnson and Johnson (J&J) vaccine this month, this will be perfect for some of the more remote islands across the archipelago to improve the vaccination updates nationwide prior to relaxing some of the border restrictions.

Vaccination status is released weekly by the Ministry of Health with tracking against the targets in the Vanuatu Roadmap to Opening.

For more information, please visit the official Ministry of Health’s website.

The current trajectory is on target for an implementation of phase 1 in March/April 2022. This is subject to ongoing progress.

Boosters are currently being rolled-out targeting priority groups amongst health and frontline workers, including hospitality and tourism employees.

vaccine rollout

priority group coverage

adult population

Naturally, it will be a requirement for entry that visitors be fully vaccinated. This includes returning citizens and residents. A negative PCR test will be required to be provided to be able to board an aircraft.

COVID Safety at the Airport

Upgrades have been made at the Port Vila airport to improve health and safety measures.

The renovation saw the construction of the well protected booths for Immigration, Customs, and Biosecurity staff as well as passengers, doubling the number of booths to ten and enabling the smooth flow of the passengers on their arrival. Air ventilation has also been improved.

Air Vanuatu

Travel Safe processes have been well tested as Air Vanuatu have managed over charters flights to and from Vanuatu. Delivering seasonal workers to Australia and New Zealand and repatriating citizens. This has included keeping their staff and passengers tested and practicing COVID safe programs.

Vanuatu Safe Business Operations (SBO)

Customer facing businesses in Vanuatu have had all their staff undertake Safe Business Operations Training and developed COVID Safe Plans specific to their business operations.

Modelled on many similar programs across Australia and New Zealand, the training program covers enhanced cleaning and protection measures, personal hygiene measures, and provides correct and information sources on Covid-19. This is the baseline requirement for all hospitality and tourism staff.

Everyone will be doing this from the Mama’s selling handicraft in the markets to bus drivers, housekeepers, and tour guides. Air Vanuatu staff are also active participants in the program as are airport staff.

Each workplace will have a COVID-19 safety officer. This person is responsible for safety in the workplace, liaising with authorities and staying up to date with Health messaging and guidelines. They will learn about the Vanuatu Alert Outbreak system and what it means for them as individuals and businesses. This is a enhanced level of training and responsibility.

What will this mean for visitors? Following the training each tourism business will be audited for their compliance to the training and the implementation of their COVID Safety plans. Visitors will see the certification certificates displayed at the entry points, they will be required to practice physical distancing and the same hygiene measures they would expect at home. They will also be required to complete sign-in and check-in requirements.

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