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Get away from the normal business hotels and conference set up you're used to and come to Vanuatu to enjoy and meet in a refreshing, creative, and relaxed conference venue where business colleagues get together, network, whilst unwinding in the tropical ambiance of the happiest place on the planet!

Our corporate hotels and resorts have conference venues that can comfortably sit from 50 - 200 delegates, in theatre or boardroom style, outdoor or indoor with air condition, and special functions can easily be arranged on request including conference incentives, private dinner functions, cocktail parties, workshops, banquets and more.

Location is a vital factor for consideration when making a business trip. The venue needs to be close enough, so you and your colleagues are not spending most of the time in transit. Vanuatu is located conveniently from most locations. From Brisbane, it is a mere three hours away, making travel time minimal. Hence, it is easily and quickly accessible.

As for accommodation, budget and top end options are readily available in Port Vila and Luganville. So, financing a trip for a large group of people need not necessarily be very expensive. Additionally, if people decide to extend their stay, their holiday will not be very expensive. All in all, Vanuatu is an excellent location for business meetings, conferences, summits and official holidays. You can choose a hotel or resort in Vanuatu that will provide the perfect environment for them to work and relax.

Most significant locations in Vanuatu offer provisions that you would require during your stay. Food, toiletries and medicines can be easily procured here.