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Picture-perfection from the northern tip of 83 islands, right down to the belly of the Earth's core in the south and beyond, the sub-tropical climate, palm-fringed shorelines, evergreen jungles, and friendly smiles of the happiest people on the planet, Vanuatu is pleasantly photogenic – both naturally, with its photo-loving people, as well as the tribal chanting festivals, sporting events, and music concerts which draws in all sorts of photographers from around the world.

Everything is a feast for the camera's lens and one of the best known, land diving (the original bungee) on Pentecost will have you biting your fingernails for a fast snap.

There's just plenty on offer for your camera, so do bring one when you're on holiday, or your smartphone for a quick selfie standing at the rim of the world's most accessible, active volcano, and get ready to snap away.

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