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The Vanuatu Cultural Centre (in bislama: Vanuatu Kaljoral Senta or VKS) is the national cultural institution of Vanuatu.

Located in the capital Port Vila opposite the National Parliament in Nambatu, VKS continues to play a very important role in the preservation, protection and promotion of the different aspects of the culture across the archipelago.

When you visit the VKS, you will learn about and see the traditional indigenous cultures of Vanuatu in their various aspects from sand drawing to music, land diving, kastom practices to indigenous knowledge.

You can also sample Vanuatu's contemporary arts and music through the "Sounds of Vanuatu" audio which fills with tropical jungle sounds and tribal chants to take home with you after your holiday.

VKS umbrellas:

  • the National Museum of Vanuatu
  • National Film and Sound Unit
  • Vanuatu Cultural and Historical Site Survey
  • National Archives
  • National Library
  • Public Library
  • Fieldworkers's Unit
  • Tafea Cultural Centre (Lenakel, Tanna)
  • Malekula Cultural Centre
  • VKS E-Press.

Visitors always welcome. If you're wondering what to do in Port Vila when it's raining, and are keen to learn about Vanuatu history, then VKS is a great spot to drop in, meet the friendly staff, and learn more about what makes the country tick.

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