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After you’ve visited Vanuatu, you will want to share some of your amazing experiences and unforgettable adventures you had during your time here. Here’s how you can join us in sharing those moments in social media.

Vanuatu's hashtag – #VanuatuMoments

By using the #VanuatuMoments hashtag on your social postings, this allows the Vanuatu Tourism office to quickly and easily pick up and share your content on our main social channels. Our primary social media accounts are:


The Vanuatu Tourism Office Facebook page is a visual and fun way of inspiring prospective visitors to choose Vanuatu for their next holiday destination.
The page showcases photos from visitors as well as official destination images, videos, blog posts, stories, event information and flight deals.

How you can help us promote Vanuatu
1.         Like our Facebook page

2.         Post your photos directly to our page

3.         Join in any relevant conversations

4.         Add the #VanuatuMoments hashtag and tag in @VanuatuTourismOffice in your Facebook posts

5.         Send us your epic, shareable content!



Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing app that is perfect for capturing holiday moments. The Vanuatu Tourism Office monitors its #VanuatuMoments hashtag for awesome photos to feature. High-quality, emotive and fun content works best for us.


How we can work together

1.         Follow us on Instagram

2.         Tag your Instagram pics with @vanuatuislands and always include the hashtag #VanuatuMoments — we’ll re-post our favourites.



The real-time nature of Twitter allows us to share Vanuatu tourism content that is clever, playful, timely and shareable.

How we can work together

  1. Follow us on Twitter @vanuatumoments

  2. Engage with us in any relevant conversations

  3. Tag your tweets with @vanuatumoments and #VanuatuMoments and we’ll RT our favorites

  4. Send us your excellent shareable content!



As the second most popular search engine, YouTube is a place where we feature entertaining and informative destination videos and curate high-quality content that our partners and influencers create about Vanuatu.


How we can work together

  1. Subscribe to the Vanuatu Islands YouTube channel

  2. Add your comments to any relevant videos

  3. Send us your excellent shareable video content!