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Plunge back in time at Espiritu Santo

santo diving

Visit the remains of Espiritu Santo’s military past and hear the compelling tales of how Santo came to host over 500,000 US military personnel during World War 2. Read more.

Surfing & Travel: Vanua Lava & Surrounding Islands

ravenga surf expedition articleExploring Vanua Lava in search of surfing spots will have you feeling like you’re discovering faraway lands and a whole new way of life. Expect to travel across vast distances by banana boats with nothing but the open sky above you. It’s a freeing experience to say the least. Read more.

Grand Manaro Trek 2022

grand manaro trek articleClimbing to the top of Manaro volcano on Ambae Island has always been a bucket list item for me ever since I flew over it a year ago and saw the incredible coloured lakes perched within its crater, like three shiny jewels glistening in the sun. But it’s also personal, because like James Michener before me, I sit in my house on the east coast of Santo and the island seems to be calling me from across the sea, a siren song to a mystical, magical paradise, tantalizingly close but just out of reach. Read more.