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There are moments that make us laugh, cry, change our perspective and open our eyes and hearts.

The moments we remember are those of consequence and significance – the ones we file away in the scrapbooks of our lives. That’s especially true when it comes to holidays and creating moments to treasure.

A visit to Vanuatu holds the promise of incredible moments to be made, remembered and shared. It’s these moments that define our experiences and call us back for another stay.

This is less about a simple list of things to see and do – and more about how Vanuatu makes you feel. It’s about the key moments that connect us to people, places and emotions.

When you Answer the call of Vanuatu, you’ll be swept away in any number of incredible moments that will make you feel good. 

While the imagery showcases Vanuatu’s incredible beauty, the tone of our new campaign is light-hearted and cheeky.

It reflects the happy and informal nature of the Ni-Vanuatu people – and how we want people to experience their time with us. A holiday isn’t meant to be taken too seriously; it’s about letting go and getting ready to leap into your next adventure.

We are excited to introduce Vanuatu’s new brand and destination marketing campaign: Answer the call of Vanuatu. It focuses on the promise of real, life-changing adventure that offers consumers a more exciting way to relax.

The information that follows will help you understand and get involved in the new direction for marketing Vanuatu. We’re all excited. And we hope you are, too.


Brand toolkit 

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Brand presentation video


Media release

Answer the Call of Vanuatu

This is the new marketing rally cry for Vanuatu unveiled by the Vanuatu Tourism Office today in Port Vila. After an extensive research and development process, the new campaign has been released across Australia and New Zealand and to the tourism industry and community in Vanuatu. Read more >



Answer the Call of Vanuatu

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Answer the Call Postcards Airport

Answer the Call Postcards Boat

Answer the Call Postcards Dance

Answer the Call Postcards Drum

Answer the Call Postcards Hug

Answer the Call Postcards Kids

Answer the Call Postcards Necklace

Answer the Call Postcards Sharon

Answer the Call Postcards Spiders

Answer the Call Postcards Volcano

Answer the Call Postcards Wifi


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Answer the Call of Vanuatu

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