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Vanuatu's not typically associated with surfing but there's a growing reputation among the global community that surfing in Vanuatu is on par, if not better, than some of the best spots in the South Pacific (such as Fiji, Tonga and Sa'moa). Surfing, as an activity, is still in its infancy but offers excellent and accessible surf spots which aren’t crowded and at a much cheaper rate.

Surfers willing to travel to the outer islands islands will be rewarded with breaks that offer perfect hollow waves and temperate waters (thanks to the stunning Vanuatu weather) for those ideal surfing conditions. With excellent conditions all year round and the perfectly shaped group of islands, there is plenty of potential for surfing in Vanuatu.

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Surfing Conditions in Vanuatu

Vanuatu offers perfect surfing conditions all year round, but the best time to surf here would be between March and December when the Antarctic lows send over consistent southern swells.

Moderate rainfall during the hot and wet season between December and April bring in huge swells, but cyclones are also likely to occur during this time. The Northern coastline receives swells during this time due to the low-pressure system brewing there.

With 40 to 50-metre ride lengths and waves ranging from 5 to 6 feet, Vanuatu offers some incredible surfing locations.

Best Spots for Surfing

Vanuatu offers some of the best and untouched surf spots in the world. With surf spots scattered around Vanuatu that provides the perfect opportunity for newbies and experienced surfers alike. Black Sand Beach, British Beach, Epao, Forari Bay, Mangea Reefs, Pango Point, Soumabal Point, Port Resolution, Dany island are just some of the beaches which offer a great surfing experience for everyone.

For someone looking for more of a challenge, spots like Breakas, Devils Point, Erakor Reef, Pounders and Tapi Point are just perfect. The adventurous surfers might want to travel to islands such as Tanna to enjoy some of the genuinely untouched surfing locations.

The best way to enjoy surfing in Vanuatu is to explore it island-by-island, exploring the full gamut of surf breaks available. Efate (where Port Vila is located) holds most of the best surfing spots here and plenty of accommodation options are available here. Some of the more remote locations can be accessed by seaplanes or boats.

Dany Island in Santo is known as an amazing surf spot for keen surfers. The wind is often blowing the opposite direction to the swell - so waves are nice and perfectly clean. The waves pump in from the North East and break on the north of Dany Island, also the south. So both rights and lefts, generally around 2-5ft. Dany Island is nicely protected and is a private venue so it's perfect for a day tour visit and for a surf away from large crowds. Click here to view the video.

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Vanuatu Surfing Association can offer further assistance to surfers who are new to the place. Comprising of locals and expats from Australia and New Zealand, they organise local surfing events along with domestic and international competitions. So, if you are looking for new and exciting surfing challenges, Vanuatu should undoubtedly be your next destination. Check out our accommodation pages to book your surfing holiday today.

Vanuatu Surfing Association (VSA)

Not only will you make long-lasting friendships there with the local surfers, there is an association that helps to answer all questions you may have on all-things-surfing in Vanuatu. Check out the association's profile and you will be up for some fun competition. Visit VSA's website by clicking here.

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