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 ekasup cultural village efate schoolies 3-2Scattered across 80 plus islands, this laid-back archipelago is drenched in warm, soothing sunlight with amazing tropical beaches that are perfect for Schoolies’ parties and events. The beautiful tropical island offers good food, friendly locals and an ideal mix of safety and freedom.

Vanuatu offers heaps of activities you can participate in when you are not busy partying with your schoolmates. Take up jungle zip lining, diving, snorkelling, kayaking, sailing, surfing or parasailing throughout the day and hit the nightclubs and other party locations with DJs pumping out summer anthems at night. Or if partying isn’t your thing, soak up the culture and visit the villages, meet new people, have a shell of Kava with the Chief, visit active volcanoes, enjoy the local cuisine, or just laze by the beach and explore the beautiful tropical paradise.

Vanuatu is conveniently located with just a 2.5 hours flight from Brisbane. With six weekly flights from Brisbane and Sydney, getting to Vanuatu is a breeze. Travelling about Vanuatu isn’t much of a hassle either with numerous inland travel options available.

Vanuatu is considered to be very safe, and the locals here are welcoming and helpful. With minimal drugs, crime and theft, Vanuatu is regarded as the “Happiest Place on earth”.

With pristine locations, a tonne of activities to keep you occupied throughout the day coupled with the friendliest people you will ever meet, Vanuatu is the perfect location for your Schoolies offering a range of accommodation options available. From resorts, apartments, homestays and hotels, we have it all. Check out our stay page and book your accommodation with us today.

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