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Vanuatu's well-situated in the south-west Pacific between Fiji and New Caledonia (each a 90 minute flight from Port Vila), with Australia and New Zealand both only 3 hours away. Because of the proximity, getting to Vanuatu is easy with direct flights from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Noumea, Honiara, and Nadi by various international airlines (below airline listing) including our very own national carrier.

Air Vanuatu

Air Vanuatu is Vanuatu's national carrier. Passengers can enjoy the finest dining in the South West Pacific skies, with Air Vanuatu's in-flight service. Anyone flying into Vanuatu will have experienced the beauty of our people and warm hospitality from the moment they step aboard.

Port Vila Airport

Port Vila Airport, just 10 minutes from the centre of Port Vila and 20 minutes from the Havannah Coast, is where most visitors arrive for the first time in Vanuatu. It acts as a domestic hub for Air Vanuatu and a range of charter airlines, and is where most will come when travelling domestically in Vanuatu. The international and domestic terminals, while separate, are next to each other, allowing easy transfers between flights.

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Getting to Espiritu Santo

Air Vanuatu also operates direct flights from Australia straight to Espiritu Santo departing Brisbane. For those flying into Port Vila first, there are daily domestic flight transfers to Espiritu Santo taking approximately 50 minutes.

Espiritu Santo is Air Vanuatu's northern hub, with flights onward to the Banks Islands, Pentecost and Maewo.

Getting to Tanna

Inter-island flights operate from Port Vila to Tanna daily with Air Vanuatu. The flight time from Port Vila to Tanna is just 40 minutes, however depending on what time and day your international flight arrives, you may require a 1-night stopover in Vila before continuing on to Tanna.