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If you feel like Local specialities, make sure you don’t miss out on any of these:

Poulet Fish

This white flesh, flaky, fish can be found freshly caught on most menus around town.


Vanuatu cacao has grown international award winning reputations for making beautiful chocolate. Grown across many of the remote islands, you can taste the difference between various islands of Santo, Malakula, and Epi and all have scored gold in international chocolate making competitions.


The local beer is Tusker. Available everywhere and a great way to sizzle down to at the end of a tour.

Vanuatu Beef

With a growing reputation for sweet and tender, the Vanuatu Beef is a must try. With both cattle and coconut trees living together is it any wonder the meat is organic and melts in the mouth.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Available from markets, roadside stalls and restaurant menus fresh and seasonal produce is part of every visit to Vanuatu.


Did you think it was possible to get sick of seafood platters? Never in Vanuatu. Local seafood includes fish, tuna, lobster, crab, local prawns, and coconut crab in season. Fish comes straight from the fisherman’s boat, to the kitchen, then to your plate.

Local Dishes

The Bislama word for food is kaekae. Keep an eye out for the local kaekae and give some of them a try: Tuluk – Minced pork or beef, seasoned with local spices and herbs, and stuffed in grated casava parcels and cooked in an earth oven for 4-6 hours. Lap Lap – is a baked pudding. It is made up of grated yam, banana, manioc, or taro mixed with coconut milk, salt, local herbs, then baked under hot stones."