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The mission for the Office is: “Vanuatu is the most competitive destination in the Pacific for tourists and investors”


The objectives of the Vanuatu Tourism Office are:
(a) A competent Government arm for promoting Vanuatu as a destination for holiday and adventure experiences in partnership with stakeholders.
(b) Vanuatu is the most competitive destination in the Pacific delivering great experiences for core markets.
(c) Vanuatu is a new and authentic destination delivering high class visitor experiences for the long haul and emerging markets.
(d) Vanuatu’s authentic, cultural and adventure experiences are promoted through the use of digital online tools.
(e) Accessible, timely and high quality market intelligence and tourism and research information.


The Office is to be recognized throughout the country as an organization that:

(a) Promotes tourism as the industry that is growing and contributing to the country’s economic development
(b) Innovative: Leveraging of resources and partnerships to optimize delivery to our stakeholders and responsive to change.
(c) Ethical: Good corporate governance that encapsulates the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability.
(d) Customer focus: Provide services and solutions in a manner that is efficient and which are effective and responsive.
(e) Promotes excellence and professionalism in service delivery upholding the image of the Office at all times
(f) Contributes to improvements in the lives of ni-Vanuatu families in both the rural and urban sectors
The Office values its staff and provides recognition:

(a) Empowerment: Growth, training and development of skills within the workforce by creating an environment that is conducive for people’s growth and development.
(b) Integrity: We will act with integrity by being accountable, showing respect and serving with honesty, respect and trustworthiness.
(c) Recognition: Staff is appreciated, get support and is valued: We want to be an organization that values its own people by ensuring fairness of the systems, processes, supportive, recognizing and rewarding performance.
(d) Respect: Recognition for individual contribute, value teamwork and promote staff excellence and integrity through selection and development practices that adhere to the
principles of equal employment opportunity.