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One of the challenges identified by both the industry and the Government towards the successful border reopening, is the need to reassure anyone who lives, works or travels in and around Vanuatu that the tourism industry has a plan in place – and that health and safety is its number one priority.

The Vanuatu Tourism Office, therefore developed a communication approach to secure a series of marketing and communication tools to promote an informal promise between international travellers, the Vanuatu tourism industry and the communities to keep everyone Covid-safe and to do everything they can to protect one another: The Nabanga Pledge.

It’s an initiative to build and reconnect our tourism industry to keep everyone Covid-safe. It’s also the responsibility of every resident, citizen, and visitors to do everything we can to protect one another.

The Nabanga tree is sacred in all our 116 dialects and cultures in Vanuatu. The largest tree species in Vanuatu, it is revered as a protective presence. Its giant canopy and root system provide shelter and protection for countless species of flora and fauna and represent our connections to one another, as a community.


The most successful tourism campaigns are those embraced by the industry and stakeholders.

Download the Nabanga Pledge Flyer and educate your staff members and your future international visitors as we prepare for border re-opening.

Links to download flyer in Bislama, English, and French

The Nabanga Pledge webpage is www.vanuatu.travel/en/nabanga-pledge

You can sign the Nabanga Pledge to show your support in staying United in Covid-Safety at any of the Visitor Information Centers in Port Vila and Luganville.

After signing the pledge, you will be given the Nabanga Pledge Industry Toolkit so that you can use the logo and other assets in your collateral.

If you have any questions related to the pledge, contact Lea Faccarello, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.