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Vanuatu has two main telecommunication companies; Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL) and Digicel. Both companies have stores in Port Vila and at Port Vila Airport.

The code for making international calls out of Vanuatu is 00, while for calls to Vanuatu, it is 678.

The following are the numbers for emergency services in Port Vila:

  • Fire services: 22333
  • Police: 22222. Emergency number Free Line 111
  • Ambulance: 22100. Emergency number Free Line 112
  • Promedical Ambulance: 25566. Emergency number Free Line 115

Mobile phone

Almost all of Vanuatu is covered, but in the more remote areas, reception can dip in and out, and one carrier could have better coverage in an area than the other. If you'd prefer not to roam, both TVL and Digicel offer plans designed for tourists, so it's best to check with them upon your arrival in Vanuatu (and top ups are available throughout the islands). If you intend to travel to remote islands, it may be beneficial to invest in a Dual SIM mobile phone to ensure you have as complete coverage as you can.


In Port Vila and Luganville there are a number of cafes who offer Wi-Fi with a purchase of a drink or meal. Most hotels and resorts also offer Wi-Fi to their guests, although at some, this is at an additional cost. While connection speeds are improving, speeds may be slower than your home country. On some outer islands, it won't be possible to get online even with a local sim card.