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Our markets are a hive of activity, vibrance, and a great experience for all visitors. Come in and say hi to the hard working mamas at the markets, buy some seasonal produce for a picnic or a healthy snack which has everything from tropical fruits and berries to salads and vegetables, taro, citruses, kumala, local herbs and spices, and fresh flowers.

The noise, mostly from the chuckles, giggles and laughter, plus a rainbow of colours from all the fruits and vegetables, is a great experience and the produce fabulously fresh as agriculture is an important part of the Vanuatu economy. Taking the time to consider the benefits of buying local to the local families and communities at the markets, will make the fruits, nuts, veggies, and salads taste even sweeter and better.

What makes our fruits and veggies extra fresh? Extra crunchier? 

Our islands are covered with fertile volcanic soil, and tropical climate gives available produce all year round and in abundance. In Vanuatu, eating according to the season not only benefits your health, it helps local Vanuatu farmers build a sustainable food industry, costing less than food shipped halfway around the world!

You will have a deeper appreciation for the uniqueness of each season when you visit our markets. For the range of tastes, colours and textures, its a celebration each time a new food appears on the tables and best of all, its the place to be when you want to hang out with the locals!

Click here to view our produce calendar so you know which fruits are in season when you're in Vanuatu.