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If you are a professional photographer, social media influencer, or videographer and you would like to include Vanuatu in your next project we would be delighted to have you here! Send us a message and let's start planning. 

Like something out of a storybook, Vanuatu is the island of your dreams with its beaches, rainforests and culturally rich environment. Vanuatu has always attracted professional photographers, who want to capture the pristine beauty of nature in its bare form.

Here, you can get lost in the many wonders from azure waters to lush rainforests, from beautiful beaches to mighty volcanoes, Vanuatu is a photographer’s paradise ready to complete galleries with awe-inspiring images of nature and ultimately beautiful people.

Tankiu tumas camera friends!

Vanuatu Tourism has collaborated with talented photographers and influencers, who have captured the beauty of Vanuatu. Each photo is worth a thousand words and these brilliant photographers have been writing stories with the images they’ve captured.

David Kirkland - Kirklandphotos.com                  Photography Tips - A Road Less Travelled

David Kirkland has been taking photos for the Vanuatu Tourism for over a decade. He is one of the most widely published tourism photographers and writers in the Asia Pacific region.

Jean Pierre Niptik

Jean Pierre Niptik, a talented local photographer, was hired by the Vanuatu Tourism and Vanuatu SKills Partnerships in early 2018 to produce a fine range of images and short videos for Tanna tourism's product gallery as well as the new website www.tanna.travel

Nicky Kuatonga

Nicky Kuatonga another talented local photographer is frequently hired by the office for a number of photo-shoot inline with market activities and campaigns. Over a period of 2 years he has photographed and supplied numerous images for Vanuatu Tourism for niche market campaigns, events, as well as industry developments.

TVC Recovery Campaign Images, shot by Circul8

Our Social Media bunch!

Hailey Bartholomew - Youcantbeserious.com.au

Jewels Lynch - @Jewelszee

Luke T Scharke - LukeTsharke.com

Matt Donovan - It's worth a shot

Matthew Vandeputte - @Matjoez

Melissa Findley - Melissa Findley Photography

Rob Mulally - @Robmulally