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Agritourism is catching on across the globe. It is an experience that offers travellers a different experience. It is a chance for people to know and live a life different from the one they’re living. Such a holiday is an exciting and unique adventure that you must undertake. Agritourism is all about educating people and allowing them to get involved at the grass root level. So, visit Vanuatu and live an experience that is unique, exciting and exhilarating. You are sure to walk away with a happy, content heart and a bagful of interesting stories!

Agritourism in Vanuatu

Agritourism in Vanuatu has flourished because of the many brilliant options people have when visiting this culturally rich region. When you make a trip to Vanuatu, you can visit Aelan Chocolate Makers, where chocolate is manufactured using cocoa beans sourced from the Vanuatu archipelago. It is a fantastic place for children to learn about the manufacturing process of chocolate.

Another great option is visiting the Haos Blong Handikraft & Mahitahi. Here you can purchase genuine Vanuatu products created and sold by local businesses. It is the perfect place to spend a day exploring the culture and history of Vanuatu.

Kava is native to the South Pacific Islands, and you can go an adventure of a lifetime with Kava Discovery Tour Factory. You can see firsthand how the crop is harvested in the fields and gardens, and end it with a shell of Kava surrounded by nature and the sun setting in the distance.

And if its not kava, instead a tropical fruit punch, Lapita Cafe's delicious Coconut and Ginger cookies will have your taste buds wanting more. The proud owners can tell you all about how they produce their delicious treats. Every product tells you a story of how it ends up in the pack.

Agritourism combines rural settings with products of agricultural operations – all within a tourism experience that is distinctly different from traditional holidays. Visiting Vanuatu will allow you to interact with local farmers and producers. You can purchase products manufactured in Vanuatu from local businesses exotic interesting wares, food products, and more.

So when you come on a tour or visit one of our agritourism sites or local businesses, you not only help local businesses flourish but also get to experience something so distinct that it has flourished and sustained an entire region. The culture, food and interests of the Vanuatu people are extraordinary, and we help you experience it in all its beauty. Come experience Vanuatu, the Vanuatu way!