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After two long years of border closure, followed by the re-opening of the borders on the 1st of July, we are excited to announce that we are finally reopening our borders to Cruise Tourism!!

December 2022 Cruise Schedule

If you are looking for exciting to do while in Port Vila, Luganville, Champagne Beach, or Mystery Island, click on the different itineraries you will find below.



Port Vila is the perfect base for a full-day tour in Vanuatu. With a lagoon on one side and a tropical harbor on the other, it is a stone’s throw away from excellent snorkeling spots, relaxing beaches, or adrenalin-pumping ziplines and hikes.

Check out below our various itineraries on Efate island and discover Vanuatu in all its splendor!!

              family                    couple

                                                 FAMILY                                                                                                           COUPLE


               The adventurer                    water lover

                                              THE ADVENTURER                                                                              THE WATER LOVER

               the relaxer

                                           THE RELAXER



You name it, and Santo’s got it. Think long white sandy beaches, palm trees and calm waves lapping at the shore and you’ve got Santo. If you think of lush jungles, that’s also Santo. World-class diving, deep crystal clear limestone blue holes and fresh-as seafood – well that’s Santo as well. You name your ideal tropical holiday, and you can be sure that Santo has you covered.

Coming up soon our various itineraries on Santo island!!




Typically a cruise stop on most Vanuatu itineraries, Mystery Island (also known as Inyeug) is a great spot to spend a day off the cruise and engage with locals from neighbouring Aneityum. Beyond cruising, it makes a great launch spot for exploring southern Vanuatu.

Coming up soon our various itineraries on Mystery island!!