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Vanuatu’s outer islands offer more than just world-renowned snorkelling, remote beaches and palm trees, they’re home to some of the most spectacular, adrenaline-pumping treks in the Pacific Islands. So grab your hiking boots and get ready for an adventure you’ll never forget.

Manbush Trail - Malekula
This four-day hike will take you from the east of Malekula to the west, hiking over lush and mountainous terrain, into remote island villages, and through farmland and rivers. Make sure you pack suitable wet weather gear for this hike and sturdy waterproof hiking boots or hiking sandles. The last thing you want is wet socks for four days! There will be guides to carry your backpack.

On day one, you’ll hike 1.5-2 hours from Unua to the dense bushland in Melken, ascending only 10m, easy!

On day two, you’ll hike for 7 hours from Melken to Mt Laimbele, ascending 650m and descending 170m. From this breathtaking rainforest you’ll get a glimpse of the volcanoes on Ambrym, a neighbouring island. You’ll likely spend the evening eating bush-tucker around a fire, before retiring to your mat on the floor of a handmade bush hut.

On day three, expect another 8-hours of walking from Mt Laimbele to Lebongbong, with similar terrain to the day before. Keep your eyes peeled for wild cattle and birdlife. You’ll be treated to seasonal bush food, likely nesowong, which is a meal made from bush banana, water taro and coconut milk.

On the final day, day four, you’ll hike 9-10 hours. It’s a day of descent (1140m!), so get those hiking poles and knees ready. You’ll pass by several banyan trees - giants of the forests, with roots that envelop their trunks. You’ll also see a giant waterfall, explore a spring in a cave and visit a nakamal (a traditional meeting place) before bunkering down in the village of Yawa for a shower and a comfortable bed.

Mount Yasur - Tanna
From an active volcano to the world’s largest banyan tree, this is an unmissable three-day trek on Tanna island in the Tafea province. Tanna island people are bare-foot walkers, and will guide you from natural hot springs surrounded by overgrown rainforest to white-sand beaches with pounding surf and volcanic black-sand planes.

From the base to the summit of Mt Yasur is an easy to moderate 3.5-hour round trip on foot across expansive ash plains. While there is an option to drive, we really encourage the hike! This is best done at night as you’ll have the opportunity to witness the red glow of lava under a dark night sky.

Mt Yasur is one of Vanuatu’s most dramatic booming visitor attractions – the volcano is a female deity and she is revered by the people of Tanna Island with many cultural stories revolving around her power. As such visitors walking up the volcano pay an entrance fee that is shared with the community. For more information visit or chat with the good folks at Entani who manage the volcano visits.

Nguna Full Day Adventure - Nguna
If you’ve got a few days in Port Vila, the hike up Nguna island’s highest extinct volcano (Mt Taputaora, 593m) is a must-do. You’ll need to catch a ride from your accommodation on Port Vila to Emua Wharf before catching a boat over to Nguna in order to start this hike.

It begins slowly, with a gradual incline, passing through small villages with children who will run out to greet you. The final leg is hard, and steep. You’ll be exposed to the sun and it’ll be hot. Make sure to wear a hat!

As you summit the volcano, you’ll be treated to expansive views across the Shepherd Islands to the north, and south to Efate. Afterwards you’ll be offered a buffet lunch by the beach and a snorkel along the Nguna coastline to cool off.

Lake Letas & Mt Garet - Gaua
On the island of Gaua lies one of Vanuatu’s most remote and active volcanoes. This three-day adventure involves crossing Lake Letas in a rigger canoe before a steep, exposed climb up to the rim of Mt Garet. It’s only an hour up to the top, but it’s a difficult one, so get your walking sticks ready and keep your feet firmly on the path despite moments of terror.

You’ll have the opportunity to camp in small bungalows at Victor’s Camp, right on the lake. Victor’s a vivacious and jovial character who’ll tell you stories under dim lamplight, share shells and shells of kava (watch out!) and, together with his wife, feed you until you’re as full as can be.

On the hike back down, you’ll visit Vanuatu’s highest waterfall, Siri Waterfall, which boasts a 120m drop. This is a wet walk, so make sure you’ve got sturdy hiking sandals or boots.

Vanuatu hopes that Lake Letas becomes a Unesco world heritage site.

Dogs Head Trail - Malekula
This three-day coast-to-coast traverse through wild bushland extends from the north east to the north west of Malekula Island. It’s a strenuous hike, but a rewarding one. You’ll have the unique opportunity to be introduced to the Big Nambas territories and be totally removed from the modern world that you’re used to.

Don’t expect electricity and flushing toilets, expect huge smiles and generous spirits. Revel in the villages built almost entirely from bamboo and palm thatch. At the end of the three-day trek, jump into the Pacific Ocean to cool off on Malekula’s west.