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Some of South Pacific's best dining experiences can be found spread across the islands from your bungalow dining hut or if you're in town, your resort restaurant to the many cafes and casual eat outs including pubs and bars in Port Vila and Luganville Santo, dotted across the main streets.
Restauranteurs in Vanuatu take their food seriously from fresh seafood, fresh fruits, the tender local beef there's even escargot, foie gras and a selection of mouth-watering desserts. It's not just French food on offer, there's American, Australian, Italian, Indian, and Asian restaurants with Chinese and Japanese a top choice of modern Asian-fusion dishes.
For a Vanuatu experience, grab a hot plate from one of the many local cooks cooking in the Port Vila markets.
You must try our delicious seafood including catch of the day, fresh lobster, and the succulent Vanuatu beef featured extensively on menus throughout restaurants, and has a world-class reputation.