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The TORBA Province is the northernmost province of Vanuatu, made up of the Banks Islands and the Torres Islands. It sits above the SANMA Province. The province's name derives from the initial letters of Torres and Banks.

Torba is made up of over 15 islands divided into the Torres and Banks Islands. Torba has an estimated total population of around 9,500 people who are friendly, welcoming and cannot wait to show you their island home!

Relatively new on the international tourism scene, Torba is Vanuatu’s best kept secret. Famous for its white sandy beaches, world-class fresh seafood, unique culture and dense rainforests, you can be sure that your visit to the northern islands will be an experience you will never forget. Each island is unique and offers its own adventure. Choose to visit Gaua, Vanualava, Motalava, Rah or Loh Island – or island hop between them all to get the ultimate Melanesian island experience!

The islands are relatively small and most attractions are easy to walk to; explore white sand beaches and coral reefs around west Mota Lava and Ra or climb the massive rocks on Ra, or climb the Sleeping Mountain on Mota Lava with beautiful island bungalows dispersed across the islands.

While there are no standard hotels in Torba, the island style bungalows, home-stays, tours and activities on offer are high quality and have been developed collaboratively by the local community. In fact all tourism operations in Torba are Ni-Vanuatu owned ventures! This means that when you visit these islands you can be sure that your money is returned directly to the community.

A map of the province including accommodation and tour offers can be seen below. Click on it to download and zoom in.