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Air Transport

There are two airstrips on Erromango: one in the northwest (Dillon's Bay) and another in the southeast (Ipota). Note that the Dillon’s Bay airstrip may be closed if it’s raining due to low cloud cover and/or wet conditions. Air Vanuatu flies to Erromango on Tuesday and Saturday and flights connect through Tanna. You can download a schedule from the Air Vanuatu website.

Transport around the island

There's only one road on Erromango, from Upongkor to the Dillon's Bay Airstrip, so most transport around Erromango is by speedboat or walking. A speedboat charter from Dillon's Bay to Pongkil Bay is about 5000 Vatu and to South River about 10000 Vatu. At Pongkil Bay there's no estuary and getting ashore often involves jumping onto the rocks/reef; you may miss your step when there are any waves (good fun!).