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Exploring Santo is made easy via the tar sealed East Coast Road that runs from Luganville, on the islands south-east corner, to Port Orly village on the island's northern tip.

The east coast is home to freshwater swimming holes, white sand beaches, coral reefs, easily accessible wreck dive sites, luxurious resorts, traditional Ni-Vanuatu bungalows, coconut plantations and grazing land for our famous Santo beef.

If adventure is more your style, get off the beaten track and explore south Santo. Along the way, you will find secret waterfalls, treks through dense bush, traditional Santo village life and black sand beaches. The west coast of Santo is characterized by high mountains and thick bushland - the west coast is home to Vanuatu's highest mountain, Mt. Tabwemasana.

There are no roads on this side of the island and the people who live there still maintain a predominately traditional way of life which boasts the richness and continuity of Vanuatu's kastom and traditions.

Santo offers everything. You can relax or picnic on white sandy beaches, dive around the SS President Coolidge, learn about culture in a Kastom village, catch marlin, wahoo, Spanish mackerel, kayak from island to island on clear blue water, and swim in jewel quality blue holes.

Just so much to discover, experience, indulge in, and enjoy in Espiritu Santo.