Air Transport

Ambae has three airstrips. Tourists holding an international Air Vanuatu ticket are entitled to a 20% discount on internal fares. Exchange Rates. Ambae has lots of flights, so check the latest Air Vanuatu schedule carefully

Airport Return
Santo fare
(Vatu) Return
Port Vila fare
(Vatu) Flights per week
Walaha 10550 31025 4
Longana 13700 31025 7
Redcliff 11675 via Santo Fortnightly

Sea Transport

There are one or two ships per week between Luganville and Ambae. A one way fare is about 2000 Vatu to west Ambae or 2500 Vatu to the north of the island. Exchange Rates. The crossing takes three to four hours but more than half a day can be spent servicing the villages around the island. Note these are cargo boats with limited facilities for passengers. One exception is the L/C Sarafenua which has a lounge with plastic chairs (and no clear spaces to lay down and have a sleep!).
The Simonsen Wharf in Luganville (past the big wharf, on the road towards the airport) is a good place in to find ships for Ambae. It's also a good idea asking someone from Ambae in Luganville.

Ships also pass by Ambae en route from Port Vila to Santo and stop at most places on the northeast and west of the island. Good places to find ships are Ndui Ndui in the west and Lolopuepue and Lolowai in the north. In 2009 the L/C Brisk was servicing Lolowai and she has a reliable schedule

Road Transport

Ambae has extensive road networks in the west and northeast but the rugged coastline prevents a complete round-island road. Some truck fares are listed below. Exchange Rates
Truck journey Charter fare (Vatu) Shared
Walaha - Ndui Ndui 3000 300
Ndui Ndui - Devil's Rock 4000
Lolopuepue - Lolowai 4000 400
Longana - Ambanga 6000