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There’s a lot more to Vanuatu than white sandy beaches and palm trees (although we certainly have those as well). The tropical archipelago offers countless places to relax and revitalize. So why don't you both turn on your out of office, put your phones away and allow yourselves to rediscover what it feels like to be truly connected.

Under the Stars

Without the smog and air pollution of so many major cities around the world, even the capital of Port Vila offers a spectacular evening sky. While every night provides the opportunity to admire the constellations, on a dark night with no moon you’ll see the tapestry of the entire Milky Way. Find somewhere quiet away from any lights, bring a picnic rug and look up. It’s a truly humbling and grounding experience.

Tanna Hot Springs

The volcanic landscape that surrounds Tanna’s Mt Yasur creates a natural phenomenon that exudes an earthy kind of mystique and wonder, with natural hot springs peppered around the flank of the active volcano. Located near Port Resolution, the hot springs are just under a two-hour drive from White Grass Airport. Tanna locals will guide you to the hot springs that bubble away on their land, where you can let the soothing waters envelop you as you cosy up together in the natural surrounds. 

Blue Cave

When on the island of Tanna, the Blue Cave is a must-visit spot that is accessible by boat. Challenge yourself and take a leap of faith as you snorkel beneath a submerged entrance to discover this incredible cavern. Sunbeams poke through a natural hole in the roof, turning the crystal clear water a vibrant blue and illuminating the cave in spectacular fashion. Take your time and float around as you soak up the majesty of this place. You may even be lucky enough to have the whole Blue Cave for just the two of you to enjoy — a real opportunity to tap into your most centred and relaxed self. 

Champagne Beach

Consistently voted as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Champagne Beach offers a shoreline experience that is bound to get you functioning on ‘island time’. You’ll find plenty of palm trees to perch under and read a book. Jump in the water and say hello to the schools of fish playing in the reef that grows just off shore. While you’re here, you’ll also experience the true hospitality of the Ni-Vanuatu people with stalls selling tropical fruits, freshly prepared seafood and handmade mementoes peppered along the beachfront. Leave your watch at home for this one.

Blue Holes

Formed as a result of filtration through underground limestone caves, the blue holes of Espiritu Santo are breathtaking. Reflecting the surrounding dense green rainforest, the water is clear enough to see straight down to the bottom and will fill you with a peacefulness that’s difficult to replicate elsewhere. Don’t be surprised if the next time you close your eyes and imagine paradise you’re transported back to the blue holes of Santo. There are several blue holes on the island and all are worth exploring, but if you only have time for one, don’t miss the Riri Blue Hole. After a swim, toast to your time in Vanuatu with a drink from the locally-run hut on the water’s edge.

Kayaking in Santo

Just off the main town of Luganville on the island of Santo, you’ll find the Bay of Islands which creates a mini archipelago system that’s ideal for exploring by kayak. Rent a kayak from Island Time Kayaking and visit the islands at your own pace. Make it your mission to find a stretch of beach completely to yourselves then unwind to the sound of the waves as you take it all in. Avoid the afternoon winds and schedule in your Santo kayaking adventure for the early morning.

Day Cruise on Havannah Harbour

Only 40 minutes from Port Vila, Havannah Harbour provides an ideal sailing spot. With fresh winds and gentle seas, jump aboard the Coongoola Day Cruise your way through the harbour with sails windward. Put on your snorkel and mask as you explore some of the most diverse reef ecosystems in the world. Swim with dugongs, sea turtles, colourful parrotfish, and even a Nemo or two. On the way back into the harbour, embrace the wind in your hair as you snuggle up and watch the dolphins frolicking in the waves.

By the Campfire

Reconnect with the earth and rediscover the simpler things with a night spent around a campfire. There are several places in Vanuatu, like Pele Island, which offer beachside camping by an open fire.  In Pele, you can get off the grid completely and embrace the outdoors in the most natural way possible. If camping isn’t for you, many cultural experiences conclude with a hearty meal of taro, kumala and barbecued meats all cooked underground and enjoyed as you sit around a fire. Take this opportunity to hear locals tell their stories and reflect on the rich history of this island nation, revelling in the sense of simplicity and community of the Ni-Vanuatu people.

Eton Beach

Still haven’t had your fill of white sand and calm waters? Eton Beach is only 35-minutes’ drive from Port Vila. Find a secluded patch of sand and soak up the sunshine, swim in the calm waters or venture towards the rock pools and see what you can find. This small bay has a deep swimming hole right at the entrance to a freshwater stream. The cool freshwater mixes with the warm salt water with the varied temperature making for a refreshing swim. There is an entrance fee of 1,000VUV to access the beach, which helps support the local community. Head down on Sunday afternoon to join in the fun of a myriad family picnics. 

Eden on the River

Get amongst the canopy and ignite your sense of adventure at Eden on the River. Easily accessible from Vanuatu’s capital, Port Vila, the Eden Experience will see you step boldly across a series of large suspension bridges up to 52-metres long, which will immerse you in the tropical canopy and guide you across the Rentapau River. After the thrill of the bridges, unwind with a float down the river and let the surrounding ancient forest envelop you.

Sunset with a Drink in Hand

Savour the tangerine horizons as the sun goes down over the water - an experience best served with a chilled beer, tropical cocktail or even a fresh coconut in hand. The islands of Efate, Santo and Tanna are home to a range of waterfront restaurants and bars offering up the best in local produce alongside your beverage of choice. If you’re after a relax and amazing date night or family night Beach Bar in Mele. Reefers, Banyan Beach Bar, Stone Lounge all nearby Port Vila are also epic places to watch the sun go down as you sip on something special.