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Yemen Turtle Conservation Tour

Bungalow Vanua Lava

Phone: +678 5737716


Embark on an extraordinary Turtle Tour, dive into Conservation and Discovery!


The Yemen Turtle Conservation Tour is an educational tour and learn in a fun way the life of a turtle. World of Turtles:

Join Mr. Alphonse Yemen for an immersive turtle tour that goes beyond adventure, it’s an opportunity to become steward of our environment.

Begin with a comprehensive briefing on the captivating life cycle of turtles, gaining insights into their habits, habitats and the challenges they face.

On the Boat Expedition

Traverse the azure waves to reach the heart of turtle territory, where these majestic creatures thrive. Their experienced guides will share fascinating insights into their behaviors and the vital role they play in our ecosystem.

Tagging and Measurement

Become an active part of turtle conservation as you assist our experts in catching and tagging these gentle giants. Participate in measuring their size, a critical component for scientific research. Witness firsthand how these simple actions contribute to a greater understanding of their population dynamics and migration patterns.

Recording Turtle Data

Your role in conservation does not end with tagging - Join the team and fill up an essential turtle information form. Your contributions directly contribute to the comprehensive database that helps ongoing research and conservation efforts.

Conservation in Action

By participating in this tour, you are not just an observer but you are an observer of the environment. Your involvement supports directly the preservation of these incredible creatures of the sea and their habitats..

Join hands with us to ensure the future generations and witness the grace of sea turtles!!

The tour also provide an accommodation for only 3,000VT/ night with all meals included.

Accept Credit Card: No, cash only.

Map & Directions

Yemen Conservation Park, Vanuatu


Situated in Vanua Lava island, Banks islands.