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Unua Wild-Man Jungle Adventure

Tours Malampa

Phone: +678 48888
Mobile: +678 7748030


An exclusive demonstration of kastom and culture via visceral customary dance by members of the isolated Small Nambas Mbotogote and Meninemboas clans of South Central Malekula followed by 1 1/ 2 day challenging guided loop trek inland taking you through the jungle wilderness from Unuafiv to the inland village community of Melkan.


The following day taking you further in to the highland jungle to arrive at the hidden and elevated tiny settlement of Lanvo - with its secret gardens and beautiful vistas before descending back to the coast and along the gravel beach with its rolling surf. All this while getting an education about local kastom, kakae, flora and fauna along the way.

Map & Directions

South Central Malekula, Lakatoro, Vanuatu


located in south central malekula