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Tabwemasana Eco Lodge

Bungalow Espiritu Santo

Phone: +678 7354793


Tabwemasana Eco Lodge, named after Mount Tabwemasana, is Santo's newest eco lodge accommodation proudly built and owned by the Kerepua Community, in west coast of Santo, boasting a unique architecture that takes after the shape of its mountain.


Mount Tabwemasana is the highest peak in Vanuatu, and one of the highest mountains in the Pacific. At 1,879 metres, Tabwemasana towers above the surrounding mountains and provides fantastic views toward the Coral Sea in the east.

Getting there

You will need to first travel to Tasiriki, south of Santo by truck, then by boat from Tasiriki Landing to Kerepua village, which is a 2.5 hrs drive by truck from Luganville and 3hrs to 4hrs by boat depending on weather conditions.

When you arrive at Kerepua village, you then have access to hike up to Mt Tabwemasana. You get off the boat and walk along the beach for 3 minutes before you arrive at the lodge, and because of the close proximity of the ocean, sunsets are perfect when you have fine weather.

Tabwemasana Eco Lodge can sleep up to 10 people, as it has 2 Double beds and 6 Single beds.

Tours and Activities

Guests can book the lodge's 3 days / 2 nights package which includes a village walk in Kerepua, learn the traditional art of weaving, a guided tour to a Conservation park, a Half day bush trek and local garden tours.

Don't miss this grand opportunity of experiencing Tabwemasana's warm hospitality and thrills as a top tourist attraction and icon product in Sanma province.

Electricity is solar and hydro powered by a nearby river source.


3,500vt per person per night including all meals which is prepared, cooked, and served by the women in the community.

Boat Transfer

12,000vt per trip one way and 24,000Vt for return. Transport from Luganville to Tasiriki is 15,000Vt one way, and 30,000Vt for return.

Map & Directions

Mount Tabwemasana Santo, Luganville, Vanuatu