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Tanna Hotspring 4less

Bungalow Tafea

Phone: +678 29695
Mobile: +678 7744725


They cater for travelers who don’t need all the expensive extras and by keeping overheads as low as possible, they pass the savings on to you.


If you are an independent and adventurous traveler who would like to keep your accommodation costs down, try this locally owned and operated property for modest but extremely affordable accommodation. The property offers clean, simple friendly and 'no frills' accommodation on a prime location. Guests tend to be self-sufficient and experienced travelers, from all walks of life and all age ranges who enjoy making their own arrangements and who would rather spend their travel dollars on seeing and experiencing more of Vanuatu than on their hotel rooms. People wanting full-service hotels, lots of organised activities, or a 'party scene' will not find the property suitable. If, however, you are independent, open minded easy going and value oriented, then they are probably just what you are looking for!

Map & Directions

South East Tanna, Vanuatu


South eastern part of Tanna and only 20 minutes drive from Mount Yasur Volcano.