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Fanla Festival

Cultural At Olal Ambrym Vanuatu Unnamed Road, Olal, Vanuatu

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Thursday 14th July - Friday 15th July
12:00 pm - 12:10pm

VTO Visitor Information Center


+678 22813

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The Vanuatu festival not to be missed to see the authentic, energetic, colourful-costumed Rom kastom in Vanuatu. There are usually more than 20 dancers and a crowd of over 300 village people. Be witness to the circumcision ceremony with all the associated ‘kastom’ dances and the ‘Mask Revealed’ ceremony.

There will also be traditional music, cooking, weaving demonstrations and powerful magic. Beautiful carvings in wood and lava stone are also available for purchase. While visiting Ambrym it’s also a great opportunity to trek the volcanoes.

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