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Food Tourism and Agritourism Festival

Vanuatu Showcase, Events At Maewo island Maewo, Vanuatu

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Monday 15th August - Sunday 21st August
5:00 - 6:00pm

Norah Rihai


+678 33400

Showcasing Vanuatu’s Food Tourism and
Agritourism Experiences


The Food Tourism and Agritourism (FTA) festival will be an innovative business and cultural space that seeks to showcase Food Tourism and Agritourism Experiences. The program will include exceptional food and drink tasting, cooking demonstrations and competitions introducing both local talent and international chefs, Agritourism tours, workshops, seminars, a value-added fair, art and crafts exhibition and local musical performances.

The FTA Festival is supported by the Prodaktif Turism Blong Yumi Initiative funded by EDF 11 with support from private sector & the public to foster:

• Sustainable tourism destination;
• Sustainable businesses;
• Sustainable food systems;
• Sustainable livelihoods;
• Healthy lifestyles
• and protect Vanuatu’s environmental and cultural resources

The event is educational and attendees will learn how to develop sustainable and regenerative Food Tourism and Agritourism Experiences through:

  • Island Kaikai will showcase the unique cultural Food Tourism experiences from all the Provinces of Vanuatu
  • Diverse Cultures/Local Flavours will showcase Food Tourism experiences representing a diversity of dishes from all over the world using only local produce and ingredients
  • Vanuatu’s Food Tourism and Agritourism Heroes will showcase presentations of 6 Food Tourism and Agritourism Heros from each Province
  • Agritourism Experiences will showcase tours on Maewo and Ambae that have been part of the Produkatif Turism Blong Yumi Initiative
  • The Food Tourism and Agritourism Toktok will involve scheduled informative seminars to educate people on how to diversify their businesses into sustainable Food Tourism and Agritourism experiences.


There will be Information booths, opportunities to book tours, purchase value added products and local produce linked to key farmers and agribusinesses in Vanuatu. Don't miss out!

Photo credit for above images: Nicky Kuautonga, Ben Savage, and Antoine Roulleau

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