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Annual At Reefers Reefers

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Saturday 13th November - Sunday 14th November
9:00 - 6:00pm

The Reefers


Reefers Oktoberfest POSTER

What is it?

It is a 2 Day fully German Festival. ADULTS ONLY EVENT. Celebrating the harvesting of wheat, by eating lots of Wurst (German for sausages) & Pretzels (a type of twisted German bread). Then washing it all down with lots of Bier (German for Beer) & we will have lots of German Bier & for you. As well as Vanuatu’s favorite Tusker on tap.

When is it?

On Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st October.

What can I expect?

An amazing experience & FUN German style! Expect to walk into Reefers & think you have just travelled to Germany. A delicious selection of famous, traditional German food. Somethings never tasted in Vanuatu before, at a price you can afford. Music, dancing, competitions, a photo booth to take your FB pictures, as well as souvenirs available for purchase.

How can I attend?

Provided that you are over 18 years of age you can purchase tickets and book your table at Reefers Bar & Grill. We are located at Melcoffee Ph 26672. Please do not loose your ticket! You will need it at the gate to enter! Plus each ticket has something for free included on presentation.


Tickets are available in a variety of different ways.

To suit everyone’s available time & budget.
Don’t miss out. Tickets will NOT be available at the gate.

Saturday Lunch Ticket Vt 1,500 Hrs 11am-4pm
Sunday Lunch Ticket Vt 1,500 Hrs 11am-4pm
Saturday Dinner Ticket Vt 1,500 Hrs 5pm-10pm
Sunday Dinner Ticket Vt 1,500 Hrs 5pm-10pm

Your ticket will include entry, 5 hours of fun, plus a FREE
Beer or Bretzel.

Saturday 1 Day full Pass Vt 3,000 per ticket
Sunday 1 Day full Pass Vt 3,000 per ticket

Your ticket will include entry, 10 hours of fun, plus a Free
Beer & Bretzel.

Wonderful German snacks, meals & desserts for purchase.

Nothing over Vt 1,950. Pay your tickets soon, Evri wan i welkam.

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