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Saint Andrews Festival

Cultural , Annual At Rah Island Vanuatu Main Road, Vanuatu

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Saturday 27th November - Tuesday 30th November
11:00 pm - 6:00pm


27th NOV • Local Net Preparation: Visitors involves in the preparation of the local fishing net, (Bush ropes & coconut leaves).

28th NOV • Fishing Day: Visitors and the community get involved in the catch, using custom net.

29th NOV • Volcano Baking: Visitors are invited to get involved with the community to prepare a feast of baking island food with hot stones and boiling water.

30th NOV • Church service, Public Lunch, Speeches by village chives, Sea snake dance, cultural dances for both men and women: Holy communion is taken during the service, as well as some traditional events.
saint john rah mota lava 2

1st DEC • Visitors Depart: Transport guests to the airport for departure flight to Santo then onto Port Vila. 

The origin

In the 1950’s a missionary called Henry Tagalan, was the first missionary to bring the Good News Gospel to the people of RAH island, and introduced Saint Andrew's Day which initially was called the Feast of Saint Andrews.

St Andrew’s Day is celebrated on Rah Island every year on the 30th November.

The event commemorates Saint Andrews before becoming an Apostle for Jesus Christ when he was a fisher man. Henceforth, traditional fishing is featured as well as a church service to celebrate Saint Andrews life as a fisherman then later a Good News carrier.

Some of the highlights of the day include; -

Local fishing net
The whole village and visitors move down to the fishing location when the tide is high, set up the local made fishing net, standing with the fishing net wait for the low tide, once when the Low tide is low enough, everyone do their catch.

saint andrews festival low

Fishing Baking
After the catch everyone involved with the traditional way of baking fish this event is normally happen on the 29th Nov. The baked fish will be cooked over night preserved in the locally made oven ready for the St Andrew’s feast on the next day.

Volcano Baking
Food baking in a shape of a volcano, pilling up of food in a shape of volcano, cold water added, to create steam, the baked food left over night, A local traditional timer was placed on top of the baked, the timer tells us when the food is completely cooked.

Church Service
Holy communion, and other activities happing during this time, combination of western and traditional way of worship.

Public Lunch/ Speech
After the church service everyone take part in the public lunch, chives made speeches for the day.

Sea Snake Dance / Woman’s Dance & Man’s dance
The sea snake dance has history story behind which being told 100 years back, the dance was created and taught by sea snake (in the form of a man).

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