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Fanla Festival

Cultural At FanlaVillageNorthAmbrym Unnamed Road, Ranhor, Vanuatu

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Thursday 6th August - Friday 7th August
9:00 pm - 6:00pm

This annual event is a "magic opportunity" to discover the Ambrym culture and Rom ceremony. There will be more than 15 dancers and a crowd of over 300 village people. During the event there will be a Circumcision ceremony with mask dancing.

Traditional Rom Dances. "Right Taking" ceremony (paying for the mask) traditional meal and Kava preparation. Visitors are welcome to spend whole 2 days in the village: Entrance fee 8,000 VT.

Accommodation is available at Ranon Beach Bungalows. Packages can be arranged before or after with a cross-over 2-day Volcanoes Tour (one night from Graig-cove to Ranon). Ranon – Ambrym Island.

Fanla Festival 124

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