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Malog Bungalows

Island Bungalow Malekula

Phone: +678 7783524
Mobile: +678 5354687


Kalo and Nina Nathaniel invite you to stay in one of their waterside bungalows in the village of Peskarus. Their large outdoor restaurant and entertaining area is the perfect place to relax after a day out on the water or spent exploring the island. You won’t be disappointed by their culinary skills as Kalo has spent several years working as a professional cook and will create dishes to write home about!


Malog Bungalows runs and offers tours with Trek Vanuatu, specialising in the following types of tour promotions and activities in Vanuatu: Arrangements of cruise ships to the outer islands, rural and outer islands tours to the remotest areas of Vanuatu. They provide airport transfers and can organise and manage conferences and special events. Adventure tours include; trekking, swimming, sight seeing, biking, horse riding, boating, sporting, and sky viewing. Facilities include: Flush toilet & good running shower Restaurant and kitchen with gas cooking available Generator electricity from sunset to 9:00pm Tour booking service Price: 2,600 VT per person per night including breakfast. The 3 bungalows sleep up to 6, with double, single and triple rooms available. Lunch and dinner cost 700VT (1500VT if there's lobster).

Map & Directions

Malog Bungalows, Malekula, Vanuatu, Lakatoro


We can organise transfers to and from Lamap Airport including boat. Please enquire at time of booking and reconfirm your flight arrival 24 hours before.