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Keepsake Photography Vanuatu

Experiences Efate

Mobile: +678 5671237


Hi there and congratulations on getting married!! I'm Valerie, Val. Passionate photographer. Hopeless romantic. Addicted to telling stories with colours and light, and painting life and emotions from a wide angle up close. I believe the photos of your wedding should feel exactly like it felt that day, and for months, years and decades later.


They should just make you and your loved ones smile time, and time again. They should be taken with impeccable skills... and an open heart. I wish you all the best for your wedding planning and hope you'll swing by and tell me about it. T: +678 5671237. E: contact@valeriefernandez.net. W: www.valeriefernandez.net. F: www.facebook.com/keepsakephotographyvanuatu

Map & Directions

Elluk Port Vila


Located at Elluk, Port Vila Vanuatu.