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Flower Garden Water Music

Tours Espiritu Santo

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Set in a lush tropical garden this tour explores the customs and practises of the people from the Banks islands to the north of Espiritu Santo.


During your visit, you will witness traditional water music and custom dances that tell tales from long ago.

This half day tour is 100% locally owned and operated. All earnings go directly back into the community.

The tour begins with the unique Water Music from Gaua in the Banks Islands. This sacred practice can only be performed by women. Watch in awe as the ladies move their hands beneath the water creating an amazing range of sounds! Songs performed tell stories of Vanuatu culture and way of life.

After you have experienced the amazing water music, relax under the shaded fare and watch the men perform a traditional dance. This dance also comes from the Banks Islands and is a cultural experience you don't want to miss.

Finish up the tour with a kava tasting; this drink is an important part of Vanuatu culture. Watch as the kava root is ground and processed then relax with one or two shells and enjoy the cool breeze as you sit amongst the grounds beautiful gardens. The flower garden is a beautiful environment with lots of flowers around many beautiful colours which you are free to explore at your leisure.

Light refreshments are provided at the end of your tour with additional drinks and handicrafts available for purchase.

Map & Directions

flower garden water music, luganville


Located at Luganville's showground area.