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  • Accommodation and tours on Ambae

    Accommodation on the island ranges from basic self contained guest houses to island style bungalows.

    A guest house features a lounge and shared kitchen facilities including a gas stove, usually solar power for lighting and all energy applicances, and a generator may be used when there is  need for it.

    Water is pumped from a rainwater tank to an elevated tank. A separate rainwater tank is used for drinking water and food usually comes with a choice for rice & chicken or steak, at times fish, local vegetables and / or aelan kaekae.

    Santo Travel Call center will be able to organize your accommodation, tours and activities during your stay on the island. Call + 678 36616 and + 678 7104029 / 5448999. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Bethany Guesthouse. Located in the central location of Saratamata, east of Ambae, and is a short walk to the local shops, market place, province headquarters and beach. Offering 4 rooms and can accommodate up to 13 people. 

    JICBA Guesthouse. As above. Offering 5 rooms and can accommodate up to 12 people.

    NDJ Guesthouse . As above. Offering 4 rooms and can accommodate up to 8 people. 

    Torgil Guesthouse . Just a short walk from Saratamata and local shops. Located on east Ambae offering 3 rooms and can accommodate up to 13 people . 

    Tui Guesthouse . Located in the central location of Saratamata and is a short walk to the local shops, market place, province headquarters and beach. Located on east Ambae offering 6 rooms and can accommodate up to 8 people.

    Toa Palms Guesthouse . Set amongst the palm gardens. The guesthouse has solar lighting, basic and neat. Located on west Ambae offering 3 rooms and can accommodate up to 9 people.

    Tua Guesthouse. A new island bungalow built according to Vanuatu Tourism Minimum standard requirements with flash toilets, Solar power and other basic facilities. Located on west Ambae offering 4 rooms and can accommodate up to 10 people.

    Charlington Guesthouse. Located in NduiNdui West Ambae offering 4 rooms and can accommodate up to 5 people.

    Voui Volcanic Bungalow. A neat and basic island style bungalow accommodation. Located on west Ambae offering 3 rooms and can accommodate up to 4 people.

    Tarivuha Guesthouse. Located in Navuti West Ambae offering 2 rooms and can accommodate up to 3 people. 

    Aute Guesthouse. Located in Vuiberugu North Ambae offering 4 rooms and can accommodate up to 4 people.

    Monaro Gateway Bungalow. Located high in the Mountain in Ambunga North Ambae offering 2 rooms and can accommodate up to 2 people.

    Tours and activities include:

    Natural Attractions

    Breathing Cave Tour includes refreshment with sunset tour. Kava tasting and transport to and from Vui Volcano Bungalow. Takes 45min - 2000vt p.p.

    Devils Rock Visit this special site in West Ambae and learn about its cultural significance. Inclusive of refreshment. Half day - 2500vt p.p

    Jungle Hike Explore the jungle with our experienced guide and see the special plants and learn why they are special to the people of Ambae. Fee including refreshments + guide. Full day 5000vt p.p

    Manaro Volcano Hike. Hike through the jungle to see the spectacular lakes found inside the active volcano. Camp at the volcanic crater for night, Cultural performances, local feasting, kava ceremony on return. 4 days 16000vt

    Cultural Attractions

    Takaro Custom Village Tour. A Custom experience where you will see firsthand traditional ways of living. 2 hours 1000vt p.p

    Drum beating show. Hear the drum beats used to communicate with the people throughout the land. Hear the different beats used to relay different messages. 1 - 2 hours 600vt p.p

    Lovonda noi Barry Cultural Village. Experience custom ceremonies that have been passed down the generations. Listen to the rhythmic drum beating on drums that have been in the village since the 12th century. 3 hours 5000vt p.p.

    Shark Trail Tour (Tavalavuti Village). Learn how the mountain got its name. Witness West Ambae cultural activities and 2 hours 2000vt p.p 

    Womens handicraft market. Display of Traditional food, dance and handicrafts. Located in Walaha in west Ambae. Transport to and from Vui Volcano Bungalow included in price. 2 hours 5000vt p.p.

    Charles C. Godden Pilgrimage Trail. Visiting sites, stories of a martyr in Ambae Island. Refreshments and cultural, jungle trekking entertainments, dances, local food display
    Full Day 5000vt p.p

    Justin‟s Game Fishing. Have a local guide take you out for a day fishing. Boat, fishing gear, life jackets and refreshments provided on boat. You can bring own snacks. 3 hours 2200vt p.p

    Frazers Wildlife EcoFarm. Environment friendly site seeing, ancient handicrafts & markets, custom stories. 2 hours 1000vt p.p

  • Top reasons why you should escape winter in Vanuatu

    Only a short flight from Australia’s east coast and New Zealand's Auckland international airport, Vanuatu’s islands are the perfect place to discover a world of sunshine and wild adventures, especially now as we're entering winter.

    1. Swap your Ugg boots for flip flops

    Escape the cold weather for some much-needed sunshine in Vanuatu. Temperatures average around a balmy 26 degrees from June to September, so you can be soaking in the tropical weather while the rest of Australia & New Zealand are struggling through the morning frost. Dig your toes in the white sand of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Champagne Beach on Espiritu Santo and winter will feel like a distant memory.


    Learn more about Champagne Beach here.

    2. The best form of wellness? Wash your worries away swimming through crystal clear water

    Get rid of the winter blues by swimming, snorkelling and diving in the warm waters around the islands. The water clarity is at its best in the middle of the year, making it ideal for diving the SS Coolidge wreck on Espiritu Santo or reef diving just outside of Port Vila. Make sure to keep a look out for some of Vanuatu’s diverse marine life, like turtles, dugongs and reef shark. For those who don’t dive, you can still inject some adventure into your trip (and some water time) with a visit to one of Espiritu Santo’s beautiful blue holes, the Blue Lagoon on Efate, or the picturesque Blue Cave on Tanna.


    Read more about our infamous Blue Holes here.

    3. Experience a new kind of winter festival

    Whilst Tassie might have Dark MOFO and Melbourne has the Comedy Festival, the calendar here in Vanuatu is packed full of unique cultural events and festivals. Whether it be the incredible land diving on Pentecost or the music focused Back to My Roots Festival on Ambrym, these experiences are unlike any festival you’d experience in Australia. The best part? With Vanuatu only two and a half hours from Brisbane, you can get your cultural fix quicker here than you could heading to the laneways of Melbourne.


    Check out our cultural calendar here 

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  • Torres Highlights

    The Torres are Vanuatu's northernmost islands. Geographically, Torres lies north and west to the Solomon Islands. As with all of Vanuatu, the main islands are volcanic in origin with active volcanoes. The Torres features 4 islets.

    Hiu island

    Far from Port Vila, visitors to the Torres Islands are few. The islands are lightly populated and natural resources are mostly abundant. They have white sand beaches and there's rumoured to be surf on Hiu Island.

    Loh island

    The small village of Lunghariki on Loh hosts the administrative centre for the Torres Islands (a vacant looking government building). There is a medical clinic but no bank, no police station and just a couple of very basic stores. There are no telephone booths but only Telecom Vanuatu and Digicel mobile receptions.

    torres isles loh

    The remaining 2 islets are Tegua and Toga, each having its own natural beauty, untouched and tucked away from modernization.