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Top tips for Vanuatu from Dani Stevens

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By Dani Stevens,
Whatever you want from your island escape, Vanuatu has something for everyone. With an abundance of activities, whether on brilliant beaches, in the depths of the jungle or amongst authentic culture, it can be difficult to decide what to do first. Luckily Dani Stevens, the ultimate health, fitness and food motivator from, just finished exploring Vanuatu and has shared with us her favourite activities for travellers to explore.

Plunging into the Blue Lagoon

Vibrant blue waters surrounded with luscious green that amazes you at every turn is the best way to describe Vanuatu’s Blue Lagoon water hole, located just a 45-minute drive away from Port Vila. The Blue Lagoon is an amazing shade of blue unlike I’ve ever seen before and its calm waters seemed to be made to float, relax and renew in. Taking a plunge into the water on the rope swing is a must-do and definitely a good one for the whole family. We were bummed the kids weren’t with us as they would have absolutely loved it. With a small entrance fee, of roughly AUD$4, there really is no excuse not to visit this blue heaven.

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Efate, Vanuatu
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