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Malekula and Ambrym

Feed your adventurous spirit with a trip to Malekula and Ambyrm. Set between Efate and Santo, the islands of Malekula and Ambrym are close and easily combined on one trip. Ambrym offers amazing volcanic hiking and cultural festivals, while Malekula offer cultural diversity and stunning mountain hikes through rugged terrain.

Explore Malekula and Ambrym

Explore Malekula and Ambrym

Malekula is the most culturally and linguistically diverse island of Vanuatu, with the primary cultural groups clustered into Big Nambas and Small Nambas. With great walking tracks through the rugged terrain, past old cannibal sites and up mountains, you’ll come across friendly villages who enjoy sharing their proud cultural heritage. There are small islands along the east coast with sand beaches and coral reefs, great for snorkeling and diving. Just off Malekula's south-east, you'll find the Maskelyne Islands, a small chain of islands perfect for swimming, snorkelling and getting up close and personal with the submerged world.

Ambrym’s main calling card are the two twin active volcanoes, Marum and Benbow, with hikes taking visitors through tropical vegetation and villages where locals willingly share local kastom. The festivals are particularly popular, with the Yam and Magic, and Back to my Roots festivals proving most frequented.

Eight Tips for visiting the outer islands

Prepare for an unforgettable Vanuatu adventure. With such a diverse offering, you're in for a 'relaxing adventure' like no other.

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