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Mystery Island

Typically a cruise stop on most Vanuatu itineraries, Mystery Island (also known as Inyeug) is a great spot to spend a day off the cruise and engage with locals from neighbouring Aneityum. Beyond cruising, it makes a great launch spot for exploring southern Vanuatu.

Stop into Mystery Island

Stop into Mystery Island

Mystery Island (also known as Inyeug) is a small island located in the country’s south. The island is typically uninhabited, though residents of neighbouring Aneityum journey across on days that cruise ships visit.

Coconut-laden palm trees line pristine white-sand beaches set against a protected marine reserve where you’ll find turtles, fish and rays.

On Mystery Island, you can go snorkelling and explore all that Vanuatu’s pristine waters have to offer. Perhaps you may want to jump on a paddleboard and glide across the water. A turtle may even pop its head above the surface to say hello! Many visitors succumb to the trained hands of the island mamas with a relaxing massage. You can't visit without taking in the beach markets to buy some local wares, have your hair braided and try some fresh, local produce.

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