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Across the islands, the handicraft markets offer varieties of arts & crafts that are fresh, both contemporary and traditional, authentic, the latest trends, each craft having its own story and meaning behind its making. Feel free to buy locally made crafts from any of the handicraft businesses listed here.

Espiritu Santo and the surrounding islands

Together, Espiritu Santo and its surrounding islands make the province of Sanma. Its capital Luganville is an important hub for the northern provinces so you can find plenty of handicrafts from islands like Pentecost, Ambae and the Banks islands there. Carvings are from local timbers of tam-tams, animals, and finely woven mats and baskets. There is also a thriving community of contemporary tailors and hat makers, a large handicraft market at the wharf on days when a cruise ship is in town, and a list of stores and maps you can find here .

Traditional Island Carvings

Some traditional island carvings are a popular purchase among the thousands of tourists who visit the area each year. These carvings are made of wood, stone, coral or volcanic materials. They are occasionally painted, and are in the shapes of canoes, bowls, animals, birds and fish. The islanders will also craft masks, weavings such as baskets and mats, and some pottery is still produced, as well as a great deal of traditional jewelry and clothing. Many of the native artisans and crafters make daily or weekly trips to the Port Vila Market and shops and it is a good idea to visit the area a few times to see the largest variety of local goods and crafts.

The local artisans put extra efforts to make beautiful original arts & crafts for visitors - it's worth the buy!