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Kastom and culture forms Vanuatu’s identity.
It’s why Ni-Vanuatu are present in the now. It’s why they are grounded & content. A cultural experience is on offer to any traveller. It can be felt in an interaction in a local food market or a visit to a Kava bar, right through to wandering through a village in a remote outer island.

Meet the locals

Meet the locals

As raw as it is diverse, Vanuatu’s culture (known as ‘kastom’ in Bislama, the language spoken in Vanuatu) can be experienced through your everyday interactions.

It’s the lifeblood of the country, and the further you go from the trail, the more diverse the range of cultures you’ll experience.

Whether you’re looking to visit a cultural village on one of the main islands, or stay in a village bungalow on one of the outer islands, sharing a meal with locals or marvelling at Naghol, you’ll find yourself coming face to face with a rich culture which is in many cases, still rather unaffected by the outside world.

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