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How to experience Naghol

Naghol, otherwise known as land diving, is a rite of passage for the men of Pentecost Island. It's the inspiration for modern-day bungee jumping and is what Pentecost is famous for. We’ve compiled a quick cheat sheet to help you with planning your trip, whether it be as a day trip or multi-day visit.

What is Naghol, and when is it?

Locals say that Naghol started from a time when a woman was running from her husband and was chased to the top of a coconut tree. She jumped off (with vines attached to her legs) and survived and he followed, yet did not survive. Naghol marks the start of the yam harvest season, with the better jumping resulting in better yams. It's not specifically a ceremony that occurs for tourists, though it draws visitors from around the world to witness the marvel that is Naghol.

Tours to Pentecost Island to experience Naghol take place on Saturdays in the months of April to June. These day tours coincide with the rite of passage taking place (because the vines are strong for the ceremony to take place after the wet season).

Why take a tour?

A tour will make your Naghol experience far smoother. Tours will depart in the early morning from Port Vila (some also depart from Luganville) to fly you to Pentecost, where you'll then be driven to one of the sites for the land diving. Many tours will also include lunch. The tours will also ensure that appropriate fees are paid by a 'fixer' from your tour company to the traditional land owners where you are observing Naghol.

Who operates tours?

A range of companies operate tours out of Port Vila, with some also operating out of Luganville. The offerings of each tour vary, so be sure to check with your tour company ahead of booking. Do also note that sometimes tours are cancelled as a result of unfavourable weather conditions on Pentecost Island. Click below to access a list of companies that offer Naghol tours, including Vanuatu Ecotours who operate multi-day tours to allow you to fully experience all that Pentecost has to offer.

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Multi-day Tours

If you want to truly explore all that Pentecost has to offer, then a trip beyond Naghol will allow you to uncover all that the rich culture has to offer. Both Vanuatu Ecotours and the Santo Travel Centre offer multi-day tours that will allow you to witness the wonders of Naghol, and also further explore what the island has to offer.

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