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Big Nambas Amokh Tribal Tour

Tours Malampa

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In ancient times it was standard practice for the village chief of Big Nambas tribes to have several wives, a traditional which continues in some parts today. Tribal warfare was very common, and would flare up at the least provocation. They would cease after killing three or four opponents and would then celebrate, finishing off with a repast in which their victims often figured on the menu!


Big Nambas custom has a distinctly different feel from that of the Small Nambas. Experience the stories of the Amokh people as told through a selection of their ceremonial dances and through demonstrations of practices including traditional ceremonial kava preparation (Men only), roasting of local ‘kakae’ on an open fire, and demonstration of the art of Cat’s Cradle by the women. Admire the intricately feathered headdresses, elaborate pink-dyed nambas and the bush-derived black body paint over the bodies of the men as they energetically stomp and sing out their ancient dances.

Map & Directions

Norsup, Malekula, Vanuatu


Norsup, Malekula Island Vanuatu