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Rom Dance and Black Magic Tour

Tours Ambyrm

Phone: +678 48888
Mobile: +678 7748030


From Ranon beach, you will either walk for about 50 minutes (or catch a 20 minute truck transfer) through the stunning tropical forest high in to the hills where people from Fanla Village will demonstrate for you the famous Rom Dances - traditionally performed only on very special occasions.


The Rom or ‘Masked’ dance is a sacred event associated with magic and it is believed to influence harvests. You will get an opportunity to watch a full schedule of hypnotic costumed dances as well as listen to beautiful and haunting bamboo flute music. You will also witness a small display of mysterious ‘Black Magic’ only performed by special sorcerers – ‘the man blong blak majik’.

Map & Directions

Fanla, Ambrym, North Ambrym, Vanuatu


20 minutes drive from the Airport