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Nabelchel Bungalows

Bungalow Malampa

Phone: +678 7740482
Mobile: +678 5445255


Nabelchel Bungalows is set in beautiful flower gardens, that is secluded, private, each bungalows having their own en-suite shower and toilet, with running water and 24hr electricity. Arriving at the entrance of Tautu Village, your host Hosea will be ready to welcome you with the biggest and warmest smile you'll ever see.


Hosea and his lovely wife Oreli are hard working, hospitable, going that extra mile to make sure their guests have a wonderful time during their stay.

Hosea usually cooks for his guests in the evening and guests may also wish to prepare and cook their own meals in the kitchen and use the fridge to store their food.

The bungalow being conveniently located just a 5 minute walk to the airport, its the place to stay at the night before you fly out the next day.

A 10 minute walk from your bungalow and you arrive at a sandy beach with great spots for snorkeling. You can even have the entire beach to yourself.

Facilities are adequate but basic and very clean. Nabelchel has 6 Bungalows, of which one is Dormitory-style whilst 5 others are Garden View Double Bungalows which cost 3,900 VT per person per night, and Garden View Twin Bungalows which cost 3,600 VT per person per night. The restaurant room units cost 2,850 VT per person per night, and the Dormitory room costs 2,500 VT per person per night.

The bungalow has a shared dining fare built of local materials from the surrounding including a thatched roof and timber posts. The environment and landscape is immaculate, boasting white coral pathways meandering through flower trails and gardens.

Map & Directions

Nabelchel Bungalows,Lakatoro Malekula, Vanuatu


Very close to the airport (2mins drive) and close to Lakatoro town.