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Vanuatu Snorkelling Guide

If you like it better down where it’s wetter, then strapping on a winpaip (snorkel), legs blong dakdak (flippers) and glas blong daeva (goggles) is a must-do when you’re in Vanuatu. You’ll see beautiful marine life off most of our coastline but we’ve pulled together a list of some of our favourite spots where you’re guaranteed to see the  best of what Vanuatu has to offer.

Hideaway Island, Efate

Just 20 minutes’ drive (and a two minute boat ride) from the centre of Port Vila, world-famous Hideaway Island is best-known for the great snorkelling conditions and the island’s underwater post office. Once you’ve finished snorkelling (and posting your letters, of course), you can while away a few hours in the island’s restaurant, bar and gift shop. Hideaway Island is also a great base for diving. While you can stay on the island, many visit Hideaway Island as part of a daytrip.

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