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vanuatu reopening borders 1july22

We know that travel looks a little different in this post-Covid world. It’s normal to have a few questions to make sure you get to where you’re going and stay safe while you’re travelling!

Here are the answers to a handful of common questions about travel to Vanuatu, to make sure you feel confident when booking your trip to Vanuatu.

What do I need to do before I travel to Vanuatu to ensure I can enter the country?

To enter Vanuatu, we encourage travellers to be:

  • Full vaccinated against COVID-19 but is not required

  • Testing for COVID-19 before travelling to Vanuatu has been removed. However, those who are sick with COVID-19 or other symptoms are encouraged to postpone their travel.

Please refer to the Department of Vanuatu Immigration and Passport Services for the most up- to-date information on entry documents required.

When I get to Vanuatu, will I need to quarantine or do an arrival test?

You won't need to be quarantine or do any testing upon arrival to Vanuatu.

Will I need to be vaccinated to visit Vanuatu?

We encourage all people to follow the health advice and ensure they are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. This helps keep us all safe. No proof of vaccination will be required for any traveller and/or age.

What is counted as fully vaccinated?

According to Vanuatu’s Ministry of Health, fully vaccinated means you’ve had at least two doses of a recognised Covid 19 vaccine.

What happens if I test positive for Covid-19 while in Vanuatu?

If you test positive for Covid-19 while in Vanuatu, you’ll need to isolatefor 48 hoursin a managed hotel, resort or home until there has been no fever and no worsening or new symptoms for a least 48 hours. Medical care should be sought if symptoms have not improved within 5 days or if you experience any danger sign 

Who do I speak to in Vanuatu if I have any questions during my trip?

The Vanuatu Government has a dedicated Covid-19 hotline: please call 119 if you have any questions. Note this is a local number.

What Covid-19 protocols will I have to follow during my trip?

Travellers and locals in Vanuatu will be called on to play their part in keeping everyone safe.

Everyone is encouraged to:

  • Practice good hygiene, including regular hand washing.

  • Practice physical distancing, maintaining at least 1.5 metres distance from others in closed, crowded and confined spaces

  •  We encourage wear a mask in public spaces

How else is the Vanuatu Government working to keep travellers and locals safe?

The safety of locals and visitors to Vanuatu is paramount.

Aside from implementing the protocols listed above, the Vanuatu Government and the Vanuatu Tourism Office have launched something called the Safe Business Operations (SBO) program.

You can read a full description of the program here, however as an overview:

  • The SBO program trains Vanuatu’s tourism and hospitality businesses to ensure they have enhanced cleaning, personal hygiene and protection measures in place to combat the spread of Covid-19.

  • All businesses that have undertaken the SBO training will:

    • Have a dedicated Covid-19 safety officer that is up to date on guidelines and protocols and that will be a point of contact for you should you have any questions.

    • Be ‘Triple C Certified’ – this stands for clean, caring and checked and it means the business offers enhanced safety measures. You can spot these businesses via a special Triple C Certified logo on their website, social media or at the place of business itself, and it’s a way for you to easily identify which accommodation providers or tour operators offer this enhanced level of safety and protection.

Will I be able to visit all of Vanuatu’s provinces on 1 July?

Provinces and islands are open to international visitors. We encourage travellers to visit to view the most up to date information on specific provinces/islands and their statuses..

Read about Vanuatu’s Roadmap to reopening here.

It’s important to know that the entry requirements and protocols detailed above are subject to change. For more information on Vanuatu’s entry requirements and visiting Vanuatu go here.

We will also publish relevant updates on the Vanuatu Tourism Office Facebook page, which you can follow here.

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