Our Borders Are Now Open! Click here for travel information to Vanuatu. Visit Nabanga Pledge to stay Covid-safe during your holiday.

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We are so excited to welcome our international travellers back to our shores, with our beautiful smiles and we would to thank you for Answering the Call of Vanuatu once again!

The Vanuatu Government has released information on the expected entry requirements to Vanuatu These are designed to keep both travellers and the people of Vanuatu safe and mitigate the risks of Covid 19 as our borders reopen. 

Here’s what you need to know about travelling to Vanuatu.


  • Full vaccination against COVID-19 is encouraged but not required

  • Testing for COVID-19 is not required. Those who are unwell are encouraged to postpone travel.

Please refer to the Department of Vanuatu Immigration and Passport Services for the most up-to-date information on entry documents required.


1.Travellers on tourist visa must: 

        a. Have a confirmed returned ticket to country of origin

        b. A confirmed accomodation at an accredited tourist facility: hotel, motel, bungalow, resort,...OR

        c. A letter of invitation from sponsor in Vanuatu

For more information, please check here.


An accredited tourism property or facility means it was certified by the Vanuatu Government Department of Tourism, with a valid tourism permit. See attached the list of the accredited tourism businesses - 2022_Tourism_Accommodation.pdf

For more information on the list of the Exempt and non-Exempt countries to the Vanuatu Tourism Visa go to: Countries_requiring_visa_or_No_Visa_for_Vanuatu_2022.pdf

  • Only citizens from NON-EXEMPT countries will be required to apply for a Tourism Visa, by completing the attached form and returning it to the Vanuatu Department of Immigrations and Passport Services prior to travel, for approval.

  • Tourism Visa will be granted upon arrival by the Vanuatu Department of Immigrations and Passport Services to all traveling citizens of EXEMPT countries.

  • To download the Tourism Visa form, please click on the link, Tourism_Visa.pdf.

Failure to provide a confirmed booking, with an accredited tourism property may results to denied boarding or refusal by the Vanuatu Government Department Immigration.

  1. Travellers and/or Vanuatu residentson residence visa, student visa, business visa or special category visa MUSThave a valid existing visa before boarding any flight to Vanuatu.

For any further information on these additional border measures and conditions, please contact, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


A well-fitted mask is no longer required to be worn on flights to Vanuatu and at the airport upon arrival to Vanuatu. 

However, the Ministry of Health continue to recommend their use, especially for those who are vulnerable to severe COVID-19. Airlines and vessels may request masks be worn under specific conditions. 


  • You won’t need to quarantine or do any testing upon arrival.

  • Testing upon or after arrival is not required if there are no symptoms and there has been no exposure to COVID-19. Travellers who experience COVID-19 sign or symptoms are encouraged to isolate, OR can undertake a COVID test*. 

*Testing is available at health facilities and pharmacies for those with symptoms. 

  • Arrival by Sea: The above requirements also apply to those entering Vanuatu by sea, if there are no symptoms and there has been no exposure to COVID-19. 


Travellers to Vanuatu including tourists who test positive to COVID-19 while in Vanuatu will be requested to isolate until there has been no fever and no worsening or new symptomsfor a least 48 hours. Medical care should be sought if symptomshave not improved within 5 daysor if you experience any danger sign.

For tourists, this can be done at a hotel or resort. Visitors are encouraged to have travel insurance. 

Further information is available on the COVID-19 website atwww.covid19.gov.vu, through the 119 Health Information Hotline, or at the Health Promotions Vanuatu Facebook page. 


  • Read  about Vanuatu’s Roadmap to Reopening here.

  • These entry requirements are subject to change.

    • We advise you to click here for more information.

    • We will also publish relevant updates on the Vanuatu Tourism Office Facebook page.

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